Why I don´t want a ring

My daughter makes fun of me because I´ve been married twice and don´t have a ring and nobody has kneeled to propose. Hell, no! I don´t understand the ritual, nor do I understand how it became so popular everywhere.

Having a “rock” on the ring finger of the left hand is the dream and the goal of a lot of women. The bigger the diamond, the better. It shows how much a woman is worth. The ring is a sort of seal, a property title over the woman. This woman is taken and the owner is powerful. If the ring is big then the guy must be rich, or he’s so in love, he burrowed money to buy it. The ring is like a weight, a burden, a padlock over a woman. Women carry it with pride, they show it on Facebook, they tell their girlfriends how much it cost. If it’s very expensive, it must mean that they’re worth it.

Even worse is the proposal. The man decides when and where to propose. The bigger the surprise, the better. The woman waits passively for the man to surprise her and ask her to become “his woman”. She doesn’t have the right to decide or propose. How could that be possible? A woman taking the initiative? And we are talking about one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. But tradition forces upon us to wait passively until the man decides for us. Until he kneels and takes out the ring. That is considered romantic.

From then on things start on the wrong foot. Wouldn’t it make more sense if we talked about it? A couple of people that love each other, and that for whatever reason decides, by mutual agreement, to get married. Two adults that communicate with one another and make a decision, together, to make a commitment to share their lives, to make it official. Wouldn’t that make more sense?

I don’t want anyone to kneel or kneel before anyone. I don’t want to be called a princess because I don’t live in a castle and am not waiting for prince charming on a horse. I want a real man, an adult that loves me and respects me. I want to decide with that person when and how to get married for reasons we both understand. I don’t want surprises, I like to know where I’m going. The ring doesn’t represent how much I’m worth. The value of a woman cannot be measured by carats.

Do you want an engagement ring? Share your thoughts.