The era of the little gods

When I grew up my parents had a life and I was part of it, not necessarily the most important part, just one of the components. They each had a career, struggled to get a job to pay the rent, they had boyfriends and girlfriends (after they separated or maybe before). Anyway, they were two adults trying to survive in a world full of uncertainties.

Nowadays, the world of adults revolves around their children. People plan their lives according to the children. We are part of a society that idealizes children and has turned them into the center of their world.

Our entire lives are planned to be aligned with their schedule. Mothers go out of their way to drive them to all the activities after school. Weekends have become a succession of sports events, birthday parties, and an array of plans so children can enjoy their lives to the fullest while parents look and praise them at every gesture. Every minute counts when it comes to developing the potential of the small geniuses.

Nothing is left undone to please them. Birthday parties have become super productions with an infinity of surprises and activities. It doesn´t matter if we need to burrow money to have them. When is not a trip to Disney, because there is no childhood without Disney.

Women leave successful careers without a second thought to devote their entire time to their children. They go to PTA meetings, volunteer at the schools while society applauds.

For every sport they practice, every child receives a trophy bigger than them. Every drawing is a work of art that parents praise “It´s sooo beautiful! You´re an artist”.

We live in the era of the little gods. Children don´t know limits. All they´ve heard is how wonderful, unique, exceptional they are. They feel they have the right to judge their parents, make demands, throw tantrums.

We are raising children who feel entitled to everything. The world owes them. They just need to exist and breath to receive praise. What are we doing? If the kid has no talent at drawing, why lie and tell him he’s an artist? If he’s not good at sports, why give him a trophy? How are they going to learn if we turn the world upside down so they feel ok, and don’t get bored, don’t get mad, don’t lack anything?

I think that if they learn at an early age that there are very few geniuses, and that to be a champion you need to train really hard, they will be happier in the long run.

What do you think about the way we are raising our kids? Share your thoughts here.

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